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One belt, one road, has been successfully completed. The development of the Shenzhou tire has been looking ahead steadily. The strategic plan for the Shenzhou tyre has been set. The two phase of the project is scheduled for construction. Overseas construction has been launched along the "east side" road plan.

Major R & D project 1: research and development of green and long life tires

Relying on the green recycling economy system of Ningxia Dadi Circular Development Co., Ltd., Ningxia Shenzhou Tire Co., Ltd.

Major R&D Project 2: Research and development of aviation radial tires for large civil aircraft

Large aircraft radial tires are one of the key components of advanced aircraft. They have the characteristics of overload

Graphene/rubber composite design and its application in the field of large aircraft tires

Aviation tires, as the only part that touches the ground during take-off, landing and taxiing of an aircraft, not only bear overloads, but also generate a large amount of frictional heat in a short time due to high-speed rolling.

Scientific research strength

Honorary title of Key Laboratory

It won the honorary title of "Ningxia green high performance tire engineering technology research center" Key Laboratory of the autonomous region

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Scientific research team

Tire R & D technology innovation team

It has won the scientific and technological innovation team of "green, environmental protection and high-performance radial tire R & D" in Shizuishan city

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Scientific research patent

More than 100 patents have been applied for

At present, it has undertaken 2 major R & D projects, 2 key R & D projects and 1 Municipal Science and technology special project. More than 100 patents have been applied for.

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