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The winter training assembly has been blown

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Winter training assembly number has been blown, LANDY company winter training second training conference successfully concluded


There is no difficult work, only brave workers. I'm telling you, in the land company, we are such workers: nothing is a winter training can not be solved, if there is, then twice. Nothing is a timely payment of wages can not be resolved, if there is, then twice a month. There is nothing that the training conference bonus can not solve, if there is, then the staff everyone sent ah.


Yes, the second training conference of the earth company is so "expected", we each earth people are the company and the chairman of the infinite favorite workers.


Listen to voices from the front line and be more attentive


From October 10, the launch of the winter training conference has been a month, in order to deeply implement the chairman of the "do not walk through the field, pragmatic and effective" training requirements, yesterday at 2 pm, our company in the Conference Center focused on the second training meeting of 2020 winter training, a total of more than 1800 employees from various sectors to participate.


Chairman Wei Yanhui, the general manager and the person in charge of the various departments and representatives from the first-line staff held talks and exchanges, listen carefully to the different types of workers from various positions for the company's development of comments and suggestions, and on the concerns of employees to answer and timely solutions. And every employee involved in the opinion, the chairman of the board of directors on the scene have carried out cash incentives, the amount from 200 yuan to 1000 yuan.


2020 is the beginning of the earth company towards intelligent chemical plant, from Taikang Pharmaceutical's grass-roots staff Ma Yonglan on the company's automation upgrade and transformation put forward their own views, she proposed that the upgrade is not the equipment procurement to debug and install can be used, to combine the process and the secondary development of robots. The chairman gave high praise to Ma Yonglan's opinion, and kindly asked her some basic information, and pointed out that although the realization of Industry 4.0 is far away, but we should be based on the actual situation of the company, gradually realize the intelligent upgrading.

The third factory, Mr. Ben Shengning found in the electric stone branch shift garbage did not clean up, the chairman immediately said that within 3 days the problem must be resolved.


Nearly 30 employees at the meeting made a lively speech, the issues raised by the staff representatives are closely related to the development of the company, the chairman of the symposium in line with all the principle of employee-oriented, to create face-to-face exchanges with front-line workers opportunities, listen to the voice of employees, for the development of enterprises to rally positive forces.

The staff representatives who attended the meeting said that they fully felt the company's leadership's concern for employees and determination to the company's development, but also to further understand the company's development direction, inspired the majority of employees based on their positions to contribute to the company's development of new momentum.

Training is the best benefit that LANDY Corporation gives every employee

In this training conference, our company invited the City People's Procuratorate full-time inspection committee Hou Yong, on the prevention of job crimes for us to carry out an in-depth explanation, warned everyone to be sure to prevent micro-du gradually, always maintain a clear mind and a high sense of self-discipline, purify the soul, sublimate the mind, do a model of professional ethics.


Since October 10, the training work of various sectors has been carried out, the development of winter training training activities has been an important measure to improve the overall quality of employees, this year, in order to ensure the effectiveness of winter training activities, the Group company early on the training planning, comprehensive development of various professional posts winter training work, theoretical knowledge and practical operation, fully reflects the chairman of the winter training to enhance the strength of the team, heritage of the importance of corporate culture.


Over the past month, the chairman personally presided over two training sessions, respectively, for sales and supply in accordance with the "process management, system management, platform operation, one-click in place" principle, made a specific, pragmatic, efficient training, played a very good role in the demonstration.


Each production unit and department unswervingly implement the chairman's winter training requirements, in order to ensure normal production and operation on the basis of the production and department management of the actual, invited professional teachers for training. The atmosphere of winter training is becoming stronger and the effect is gradually showing.


In 2020, a blueprint to draw the end, only strive for the future, not to bear the solid foundation of the earth family unswervingly, and strive to write a new chapter of high-quality and rapid development of the LANDY company.

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