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Warmly congratulate to The Ministry of Technology of Shenzhou Tire for winning the honorary title of "National Worker Pioneer"

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  According to the National Federation of Trade Unions held on April 23, 2021 "May Day" press conference revealed that according to the country's 31 provinces (districts, municipalities) General Trade Unions, 10 national industrial trade unions, the central and state organs of the Federation of Trade Unions and other 42 units recommended to recognize the National Workers Pioneer a total of 1297, of which a total of 16 collectives in Ningxia Province won the National Workers Pioneer honorary title.


  Shenzhou Tire Technology Minister Wanlin Liao (second from left) accepts the Worker Pioneer medal

  It is worth celebrating that, with the joint efforts of the whole company, Ningxia Shenzhou Tire Technology Department was awarded the "National Worker Pioneer" honorary title for the first time after being named "Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Worker Pioneer" and "Shizushan Science and Technology Innovation Team", which is the only enterprise department in Shizushan City to receive this award, which is of great significance.


   "Long wind and waves will have, hang up the clouds and sails to the sea", in Shenzhou tire this big ship, each employee is an indispensable helmsman in the navigation, in the future work arrangements, they will also uphold the "dedicated research, careful design, careful implementation" style of work, hard work, for the brilliant group of companies to create new achievements.

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